Medical maintenance company of medical devices related to respiratory insufficiency

Catt'O2 Maintenance consists of a manager and a team of 9 versatile technicians with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Trained and empowered, they work on a wide range of medical devices

Created in July 2010, Catt'O2 Maintenance is a company specialized in the maintenance and repair of medical devices (DM) related to respiratory insufficiency

Notre implantation

La société est située au 5 Rue des Frères Beaumont, 59128 Flers-en-Escrebieux.

Business activity

The company provides preventive, curative and corrective maintenance of medical devices. It is part of the materiovigilance approach, which aims to monitor incidents or the risks of incidents during their use. As a manufacturer subcontractor, it also provides warranty and out-of-warranty service for these materials.

  • Administrative and regulatory approach to transportation
  • Charter
  • Return under warranty manufacturer
  • Express delivery
  • International transport

We adopt a voluntary approach of social responsibility, of permanent and participative progress, respectful of the environment